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    亚搏美女直播app_亚搏体育官网客户端|首页-欢迎您访问!! is located in fine and rich Qingzhou City ,Shandong province . Founded in 1992, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with CSIC 702 Institute, Ocean University of China, Bohai Shipbuilding Vocational College, China Gold Research Institute and other institution . We are a manufacturer with 50 workers, 8 technical engineers and 3 professional designers, 3 international trade manager. Our company’s aim is “Three B” , Best service, Best price and Best quality to handing the long-term Win-win principle to customers all over the world . Our products are expand to over 30 province in China and successfully export to Indonesia, Ghana, Vietnam , North Korea, Sudan, Morocco, Mongolia , Cameroon, India, Tanzania and so on. We also have signed sole agent agreement in several countries ,such as Indonesia , Mongolia...